Madame Sketch Susan Sengers atelier

Over mij..

I am Susan Sengers, born in 1995 in the beautiful village Beuningen near Nijmegen. I no longer live here and have moved to Zoetermeer.

I had a great fascination for fashion & art at a very young age already, but what I wanted to with it later …? I had no idea. Until I came in contact with drawing and designing fashion.

I finished a Fashion & Design study, where I have learned a lot about fashion, design, and myself.

At the beginning of February 2020 I graduated from the TMO Fashion Business School. At TMO I learned the business side of fashion; marketing, organization, and finances.

Now it is time to develop myself and grow further by combining these two different courses with my passion, drawing.

I draw for companies and for individuals. I love making people happy with my illustrations. My dream is that my illustrations can be seen in magazines, on websites and that I can enter into wonderful collaborations.